In honor of International Women's Day:

Consider The Elephant

Fully-grown elephants can be tethered in place with a small stake and thin cord. This defies all logic. The size, power and ability of the elephant allow them to easily uproot the stake and break the cord. Because the elephant is tethered as a calf with the same small stake and cord, tries to break free but can’t, they never try again. They believe this stake and cord are enough to hold them the rest of their life.

As long as she could remember she was tethered with a small stake and thin cord: walking their path, creating a deeper rut with each day that passed. One day, she realized the power her body held. She yanked the stake out of the ground and broke the cord. Some days she ran as far as she could, some days she walked.  She never stood still again.

Consider yourself: Tear the stake up and break the small cord that tethers you. You will never get anywhere, walking in circles, created by someone else, ruts growing deeper with every day that passes. Create your own circle; dig your own path; you are worthy of at least that.

kelly bargabos

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